Company Profile

Jalp is a Greek company, founded in 2005. At the first years of our operation we were specialized in the provision of integrated high quality internet services. The main areas of activity were Web Design & Development and Internet Marketing.

Nowadays, as our experience has grown, we have expanded our areas of operation to: Management Consulting, Internet Marketing, Commerce and Tourism.

Management Consulting

Our consulting services focus on the most critical requirements of our clients'. Our Services include strategy, business process reengineering, organisational restructuring, marketing and information technology across a wide range of industries. We possess high-level of know-how and expertise which enables us to offer innovative value-added services for our clients. The solutions we provide are 360 °, they are holistic and cover all the needs of our customers.

Internet Marketing

Our expertise focuses on providing 360o robust online marketing solutions to our clients that meet the most demanding requirements of an industry.  For us every client is unique. We are implementing quantitative and qualitative targets in order to reach the vision of the client. We possess the know-how to provide any business with more sophisticated approaches to internet marketing and promotion.


Our commercial branch operates across several sectors through the development and operation of e-commerce shops for specialized products and services. Our devotion to innovation and infinite exploration of new opportunities drives us to the deployment of new ideas through the establishment of new models and approaches leading to business excellence.


We successfully operate in the tourism industry through the purchase, sale, rental, leasing and general exploitation of any kind of holiday accommodation or other short-stay accommodation. Tourism is a key business target of our company aiming to create unique holiday experiences, providing quality, creative, innovative and socially responsible services that reach beyond the customers' expectations.


Our Mission is to provide innovative, high quality consulting, services, and products that significantly improve clients’ value, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity & experience while maximizing the use of technology.

"We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations our employees, customers and shareholders "

Our Values

"Our Values are driving our passion and motivate our excellence"

We are a value-driven company.  Our values serve as our driving force to guide us in decision-making:

    • profileQuality - We provide superior quality services based on our extensive experience. We are committed to creating visible and sustained value for our clients.
    • Excellence - We seek excellence in every aspect of our activity. We are committed to continuous improvement.
    • Integrity - We work with integrity in any industry we operate and provide an ethical framework for employees, parners and clients.
    • Innovation - Through effective processes and technologies, we provide unique solutions to our clients.  We bring up craetivity in our work and we are committed to continuous innovation.
    • Honesty - We are reliable in all our relationships. We build long lasting relationships, responding to and anticipating the clients’ needs.We encourage harmony and warmth between persons, considering human diversity.
    • Responsiveness - We are prompt, proactive, careful and impassionate in complying with our work.